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  • Is the Moon affecting your babies sleep?

    A few weeks ago i posted on social media that i had given up after nearly 2 hours of trying to get O to sleep. A few people messaged to say it might have been because of the Lunar phases and then a few others messages came in to say their babies were doing the same as O!

    It was never something i had really considered until then as i started to think, okay maybe this is a thing!

  • Transitioning my toddler to a duvet

    To give a bit of a reasoning behind it, Otto's always slept in sleeping bags, but i found that he would get frustrated in them being restrictive and it would often wake him up.
  • Holiday packing tips with a baby

    Desperate to get away after the pandemic for our first family holiday, we decided to book a last minute all inclusive stay in Mallorca when Otto was 8 months old. This was a really fun age for him as he was a pro crawler at this point but he was also super desperate to walk. 

    I like to think i'm very organised when it comes to certain things - especially holidays. So i thought i would create an ideal packing list of everything we used that was helpful whilst away. 

  • A MOTHER: breastfeeding guilt

    So our breastfeeding journey only lasted 6 weeks. See, there we go, I used the term ‘only’ as if it’s not good enough! I think it’s so sad that we’re conditioned to think that, and yet there are so many factors - support being a HUGE factor - that impacts on that. But I still blame myself for not doing well enough! That right there is the biggest challenge with motherhood! 

    Although Olive had started to feed, it was in very small spurts. I was panicking that she wasn’t getting enough from me so I would top up with expressed milk if I could. 

  • A MOTHER: loneliness - part two

    Loneliness was by far the most popular topic this week in terms of messages and comments about the blog. I'm so glad that by sharing people's stori...
  • A MOTHER: step mother

    I come from a blended family myself, I have a step dad and 2 step sisters (and an adopted sister too!) and we all blended together i...
  • A MOTHER: self employed

    As a fellow self-employed mother i find it really interesting to hear other peoples stories, as maternity leave was not something i really thought about before having a baby.

    Today's conversation is with Kate Cronk, a first time mum to Pip who was born Summer 2021, she's also a self employed illustrator and calligrapher based in Forest Hill, southeast London.

  • A MOTHER: back to work

    Society has an unrealistic expectation for mothers, it’s expected that we are 100% present with our children, managing everything that comes with having a baby and the home life, but then we are also expected to go back to work (whilst still maintaining the homelife), but then can be judged for leaving our children with a nanny or nursery.
  • A MOTHER: identity

    Another topic which was mentioned quite a lot during my search for honest mothers was Identity.  Becoming a mother is a huge life change and the wa...
  • A MOTHER: loneliness - part one

    To celebrate Mother's Day this year I wanted to create a space for unfiltered conversation. A space to discuss the challenges, mental load, work-mu...
  • "is he a good sleeper?"

    If you type sleep into your instagram search you will be bombarded with hundreds of sleep consultant accounts, selling the dream (excuse the pun).....
  • 12 gender neutral baby names

    Cool names for cool babes, here's our list of 12 gender neutral names for your future little ones!