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12 gender neutral baby names


Knowing we were having a boy quite early on (we found out at 16 weeks) because my husband wasn't allowed to the 12 week scan due to COVID-19 restrictions, so we decided to get a private scan at 16 weeks for him to experience but also I'm impatient/ a planner so I was excited to find out what our little bundle of love would be! 

Like most women I know, I've had a list of baby names on my phone for years, which i would add onto whenever I heard or saw a name i particularly liked, or removing ones that suddenly became popular. 

Don't worry, I'm not sharing my own list - not all of them anyway! 

Here goes... 

1. Row

2. Aries

3. Sonny

4. Roo

5. Bow

6. Oakley

7. Phoenix

8. Loxley

9. Zephyr

10. Sage

11. Ocean 

12. Onyx

Would love to know some of your favourite gender neutral names if you have any!! 



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