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Gift ideas for a new baby

1. Personalised Bunny Rabbit 

I hate to start this with the dreaded C word, but COVID-19 meant that I was unable to have my planned baby shower, something I guess we all dream of when we are pregnant, a way to celebrate with all of our loved ones before our lives completely change with our soon to be bundles of joy. On the day my shower was supposed to happen, three of the most amazing friends sent me the sweetest gift of all, a personalised bunny rabbit from Josie Bulmer Designs, a Brighton based creative. What my three friends didn't realise at the time, was that a rabbit was of a huge significance to me as i'd been singing to my baby bump since i knew he was growing inside me, a very special song about a dear little bunny, which my Mum and Nan had sang to me when I was a baby. 

Josie's amazing long eared bunnies are hand-made and come in a cute little outfit of your choice and you can have them personalised, like my friends did with Baby Sherriff (my surname) embroidered onto the ear. It makes for a great keepsake, something your baby will treasure forever!

Josie Bulmer personalised handmade bunny rabbit teddy gift newborn
Price: £65.00


2. Pippy & Co Wheat Straw Bath Toys

Otto has always loved his baths and I've loved watching him grow in the bath, from lying in his newborn seat just smiling to laughing and now splashing and playing with toys. These lovely Wheat Straw boats are perfect for the bath (or the beach.. or swimming!) 

They bob along in the water and can link together too, of course we love that they are bio-degradable and are in the perfect muted tones. 

Bath toys are a great gift for a newborn, something for them to grow into playing with but they are great for sensory playtime in the bath from birth too. 

wheat straw sustainable boats - Pippy & Co
Price: £15.00


3. Little Midnight Stripe gift set 

Newborns need an endless amount of clothing from baby sick, milk and nappy explosions everyday. Our stripe gift set is a great gift option for a new baby and available in Rust and Slate Grey. The set comes with a hat, pair of trousers and long sleeve bodysuit but can also be worn as a mix and match too. 

slate grey gift set bodysuit newborn gift


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