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Holiday packing tips with a baby

Our first family holiday was supposed to be a roadtrip honeymoon to the US, which had already been rearranged from the previous year due to the pandemic.

Whilst pregnant i was excited at the idea of taking a young baby on our honeymoon as i figured it would be easier than taking a toddler, because he would feed/sleep a lot more and weaning wouldn't have even started. However with further restrictions in 2021 it meant we had to postpone our honeymoon yet again. 

Desperate to get away we decided to book a last minute all inclusive stay in Mallorca when Otto was 8 months old. Actually this was a really fun age for him as he was a pro crawler at this point, but was also very desperate to walk. 

I like to think i'm very organised when it comes to certain things - especially holidays. So i thought i would create an ideal packing list of everything we used that was helpful whilst away. 

Of course you need the nappies/outfits/hats/sun cream etc so the below list just covers more specific things and might give you some ideas on other things to take. 



Suction plate

Zip seal bag for a few spoons

Sippy cup

1 long sleeve bib & 1 of our silicone bibs

Zip seal bag with a sponge/washing up liquid (i just filled up a mini travel size bottle) to clean everything above. 

2 little snack pots to put food in if O was asleep during meal times (we actually only used these once in the end). 

A few Ella's kitchen pouches / Kiddylicious snacks for both journey's

Otto on holiday eating from his suction plate - weaning tips for holidays



We took a selection of toys which would all work for the hotel/travel and pool and they were in a small canvas bag so they were easy to find in hand luggage. 

4 x Stacking cups - perfect for the pool but also in the room! 

Mini rubber duck 

A 'noisy' toy - we got him a new console toy which we thought would be fun because it's new and have sounds. Actually he wasn't that bothered by it but did play with it a little. 

2 books - his favourite touchy feely / lift the flap books

Our rainbow teether

We also purchased a little football whilst out there that Otto would crawl after.

holiday tips and tricks toys for a baby toddler


Other things i took which you might find useful:

Calpol - otto actually got sick on our final day with a high temperature and i hadn't taken any meds. A German family we spent some time chatting to throughout the week actually gave us some of their child's meds.  

Teething gel /powders

Bath thermometer 

Baby carrier - we used this around the airport but also when out and about, for example we did a mini golf which we couldn't have taken the pushchair to.

A travel pushchair - We purchased a second hand Bugaboo Bee from marketplace but saw a lot of the Babyzen YoYo's at the airport and i think next time we travel I would get one of these. We didn't get the pushchair back as soon as we got off the plane, which is what i assumed would happen, so we had to go through security etc with him in the carrier before eventually getting the pushchair with luggage. 

Pool float - We took Otto's because he loves being in the water, although i don't think we used it much because we found the toddler pool on the second day which meant he could crawl/sit in the water giving him (and us) a little more freedom. It was so cute being able to sit on the end of our loungers watching him hang around in the shallow water safely whilst interacting with other babies. 

If your hotel only has a big pool then i would highly recommend.

Look how happy he is here💔 


Things you might want to ask for: 

I assumed that because our holiday booking said we had a baby we would automatically be given a cot, this was not the case and we had to ask at reception. I would recommend requesting one before you go just incase. 

We were also given a baby bath, but you may want to ask for one of these. It was very useful as the room only had a shower. Otto loves a bath anyway but this kept him in one place (remember i said he was a pro-crawler, yeah he was everywhere!) whilst we got ready for our evening. 


Just a note that as O is exclusively breastfed i don't have any tips/tricks for formula fed babies but feel free to add any (or general holiday tips you think i might have missed) in the comments section for other parents.



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