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Is the Moon affecting your babies sleep?

A few weeks ago i posted on social media that i had given up after nearly 2 hours of trying to get O to sleep. He was running around, chatting and basically wide awake even though he had been awake for well over 6 hours! 

I'm not one for letting him watch much TV (maybe 15 mins a day, unless we have a long car journey), but i'd had enough. I decided to pop the TV on in our bedroom and he sat watching his favourite show - Super Simple Songs on Youtube whilst i went to eat emergency Chocolate to get me through!


Anyway, a few people messaged to say it might have been because of the Lunar phases and then a few others messaged to say their babies were doing the same as O! It was never something i had really considered until then as i started to think, okay maybe this is a thing!

I'm the kinda person who likes to understand the science of things (hence my love of the science of parenting book which you may have seen me recommend before), so off i went to do a little research on all things moons and babies! 


It turns out, there's not actually that much research around this stuff for humans and quite a lot of folklore too. 

"There is mounting evidence that the lunar cycle influences physiological function and behavior in animals, including birds, fish and other marine life" - Dr M.J.Breus, certified sleep specialist

Some scientists have been working together across multiple countries to research the effects of sleep during moon cycles.  

'The scientists' analysis revealed a small, but statistically significant, change to children's sleep duration in connection with the full moon' read more here

Of course, as we all know that when the moon comes closer to Earth it's gravitational pull changes and water responds to this (higher tides), so when someone mentioned to me that this could be the reason because upto 60% of our bodies is made up of water (or milk in Ottos case ha ha!) it really made me think.

But i can't actually find much information on this, so maybe again this is folklore or there's just not much research behind it. 

Studies have also found that during a full moon there's lower melatonin levels in our bodies which is the sleepy hormone, which is why some of us and our babies may find it harder to sleep! If you're a breastfeeding mama like myself you'll know that for example if you pump and freeze milk, this is why it's important to note the time on the bag as ideally you want to give your baby 'night' milk before bed because it will have higher levels of melatonin in it - cool right! 

Anyway, I've been researching on how to get O to fall asleep better during the full moon and well, if you're looking for that answer here too, there's not much to report i'm afraid. So my top tips are.. make sure you have emergency chocolate and some patience!

General tips that came up were limiting the light and also black out blinds and white noise machines, but i'm sure most parents use one or more of these elements when implementing bedtime anyway. 

If you want to check out the lunar phases for 2022 you can find them here



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