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My fave instagram accounts!

I thought i'd share some of my favourite accounts with you for everything from home, clothes, weaning and activities. So here goes.. 

1. @Bediddy

First up is Bediddy, launched by fellow northerner Kayleigh at the start of lockdown 1.0. She really is the queen of little vintage. Early on in our pregnancy we ordered a cute pair of 6 month old camel Carharrt dungarees for Otto when I was only 20 weeks pregnant! 

They were definitely my Husbands favourite purchase, to the point where he was so desperate to get them on Otto, we actually dressed him in them at just 9 weeks old, and well.. they fit pretty well to be honest! 

Otto's had so much wear out of them and it's nice to know that he's doing his bit for the plant by giving them another life too! 



2. @bebestylist 

I loveeeee the Beb Stylist which is curated by celebrity stylist @aimeecroysdill. I have so many posts saved from this account. My favourite ones are the games/play ideas which i'm saving for when Otto is older. Aimee carefully curates the coolest interiors/outfit and game ideas for little ones. 

If you have a toddler and you're looking for playtime ideas, then Bebestylist is for you.. offering easy, fun and make shift games that are sustainable too. For example, the best one i think is Supermarket Sweep. 6 different coloured pieces of paper which they have to go and find items around the house to colour match. Tried and tested by Aimee's little one, she said it took a whole hour.. IMAGINE!! 



3. @sr_nutrition

We started weaning at just over 4 months because O was obsessed with our food and i couldn't eat in peace as he constantly tried to grab my fork and would follow my fork with his eyes as i put each spoonful into my mouth. 

At around 3 months i started giving Otto his very own spoon whenever we ate, I would highly recommend it actually, initially i did it so he felt involved at dinner but it was great practise for him and within a few short weeks he was getting most spoonful of puree straight into his own mouth. 

I've been following Charlotte Sterling-Reed for a while now and she offers easy to read information about weaning your babies and recently released her own book - How to wean your baby which I would highly recommend, plus she made it into the Sunday Times bestseller list .  


4. @Wonder & Rah

If there's one piece of art you should have on the wall in your babe's nursery it should be from Wonder & Rah, it's definitely our kind of colour palette! No kids? well, don't worry - so many of the Wonder & Rah pieces would be suitable for any wall! 

If you're looking for a fun art activity for your little one you can find a free download from Wonder & rah here

wall art baby nursery decor painting rainbow boho kids room



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