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My top 5 baby products for new parents!

As a new parent there's lots of things that I've used and also been surprised at what I haven't!

I've been asked recently by quite a few pals on what my best buys were.. so here you go... 


1. Bath & Room Thermometer 

I don't know if it's because otto was born in the winter but I was OBSESSED with the temperature for at least a month after he arrived. I honestly carried my thermometer around from room to room in my pocket like it was some prized possession (clearly it was!). After nappies and bibs it's probably my most used product which is why I would list it as my TOP product for any new parent. 

Reasons to love it.. 

As a new parent you are constantly trying to figure out if the baby is too hot, too cold, have you dressed them in too many layers? 

Bedtime sleeping bags come with suggestions on how many layers your baby will need depending on the room temperature.. how would you know without a thermometer?

You know what a baby doesn't like.. a cold bath! We're all a little cautious when it comes to running a bath for our newborns, but if you don't have a thermometer to check the ideal temperature and you're wondering why your baby isn't enjoying a little splish splash, this could be why! 

Do I need to say more? 

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2. Muslin Cloths

Honestly I thought I had brought plenty, but it's true what people say.. you can never have enough! 

Whether you are buying muslin cloths for yourself or as a gift for new parents, the Avery Row cotton muslin squares are super soft and are made from organic cotton. Perfect for wiping up any spills, doubling up as a bib or a blanket, or managing dribbles, they have an infinite number of uses. A new baby essential, they also make a great breastfeeding cover.

Avery Row set of 3 muslin squares - Woodland Walk: £18

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3. Dribble Bib 

Much like the muslin cloths, I thought I had plenty of bibs ( I had just 3! haha). I never really considered bibs to be a must have until my baby started to dribble at around 8-10 weeks old, where I was constantly changing his outfits because they would be soaked. 

Dribble bibs are also perfect for any of the milk that suddenly comes back up after a feed and ends up pouring down their clothes. They really do become a staple part of your babies wardrobe.. we spend so much time dressing our babies to our taste, so why not make sure they have fashionable accessories too. 

Set of 2 Organic cotton dribble bibs - Rainbow/Cocoa: £9 

dribble bibs

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4. Bamboo Cloths

I was recommended these cloths for bath time, however once they arrived I realised how great they were and ordered another batch. I use them during every nappy change, I've always been against using products on my babies skin, especially on such a delicate area so I decided I wouldn't use talcs/nappy creams etc.

Instead I've always dried Otto's delicate area with one of these cloths after every nappy change.. and obviously I can't be certain it's these cloths but he's never had any nappy rash. By ensuring his delicate areas are completely dry before putting on another nappy just makes so much sense to me. 

Perfectly sized for your changing bags and as they come in a pack of 10 you can add them to the wash each day! You could also use them instead of a reusable wet wipe and i've seen some handy tricks on how to do this too!

wash cloth for babies

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5. LED Touch Night Light 

Perfect for all of those times you will wake in the night. This USB chargeable night light is touch sensitive so it's simple to turn on when the baby wakes and theres a light setting for how dim or bright you need it. It also comes with a 1 hour timer option and multi coloured light options too - perfect sensory for a tiny baby.  

Another great thing about this lamp is that it's small enough to take away with you when heading on holiday or visiting family! 

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