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Transitioning my toddler to a duvet

I mentioned on instagram a few weeks ago about my ideas of transitioning otto to a duvet once he turned 12 months and quite a few people wanted to hear how it went, so here i am! 


To give a bit of a reasoning behind it, Otto's always slept in sleeping bags, but i found that he would get frustrated and felt restricted and it would often wake him up. I've always been quite open about our sleep routine which is constantly evolving in some way or another but to give you an idea, it loosely looks like this:


Fed to sleep & placed in cot asleep between 6.30-7.30pm

Wakes anytime between 11pm-2am and comes into bed with us. 

*sometimes he wakes up several times between bedtime and when i head to bed*

I would always remove his sleeping bag when co-sleeping and he sleeps in the middle of us, usually starting under the duvet with my legs curled up around him but throughout the night he kicks the duvets off and sleeps with his legs over them. 

Feeds on and off from 5am ish until we get out of bed which is typically around 6.30am.



Okay, so.. let's talk about the transition!  

Basically my thought process was that by transitioning him to a duvet he would have some more freedom for his legs. Otto likes to kick around and that it would help him sleep for longer periods and not disturb himself.

The NHS recommend not using a duvet until 12 months of age, which for some reason is much sooner than i thought it was, so as soon as i realised this when Otto was 13 months old i figured why not try it! 

We transitioned a few weeks ago now and honestly I do think it's made a difference. During the first week, 6 out of the 7 nights he slept from bedtime straight through until 12am ish. The one night he did wake a lot between bedtime and midnight was a very cold evening and i think he just needed a cuddle. 

So my advice to you is that if you're in a similar position and you think your toddler is getting frustrated or waking a lot then give it a try, you might notice a difference, you may not but there's no harm in trying.  

Otto's cot is a mini cot from Ikea, so the measurements are not a typical cot size and when i quickly started looking for bedding one night (he woke a lot that night and i was feeling a little desperate!) i really couldn't find anything that fit our size, so we decided to go to Ikea the following day to just to pick up a quick fix with the selection they had there. The selection really wasn't great and well, not my taste.. apart from one actually which is the one we came home with (it was white cotton with tiny grey moons). 


Anyway, we're moving in the next couple of months, so i want to find some other bedding options ready for when i decorate O's space. Not that i've decided on any colour schemes yet, but here's some of my fave gender neutral bedding options in a variety of sizes and price points to save you a bit of time searching... I've even inked each one, just click the name/price and it will take you to the website!


1. Kave Home: £30.99 

Three size options with the smallest being 120 x 70 (ikea mini cot size)


2. H&M Light Green soft organic cotton muslin : £24.99 

The size is not included in the description, so i can only assume it's a standard cot size. 


3. La Redoute white with mustard polka dot: £30

Mini cot size 


4. Numero 74 via Smallable (loads of colour options!): £60

There's loads of size options, the smallest being a mini cot size and they even do adults sizes too!! 

5. Konges Sloejd- lots of print options: £44

There's only one size option which is 70 x 100cm





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